Marketing Advantage

In today’s world, there are numerous ways to strategically market your home, from traditional print material to cutting-edge social media platforms. Shawn’s recipe for success includes thoughtful, creative, and experienced marketing expertise combined with a superior knowledge of the market that clients should expect from an agent. Shawn takes advantage of every meaningful communications resource.

The first 14 days are the most critical in capturing the largest number of buyers who are prepared to buy. Shawn’s comprehensive and extensive marketing strategy is implemented quickly and efficiently, using wide reaching marketing avenues to maximize early exposure and gain credible, financially pre-qualified buyers.

Interior Design Advantage

As a practicing Interior Designer, Shawn offers all her clients staging services to assure that your home is arranged to appeal to all who enter. A properly staged home is paramount in today’s real estate world, and professional photography is the icing on the cake. Your home needs to stand out from the rest to make sure that it gets noticed, and sold quickly.