Follow the Red Brick Road

Deconstruct & Reconstruct

It took a while for spring to show up this year, and when it did, we took a hiatus from our interior work, and spent a weekend outside. We were desperate to give ourselves one small section of yard that doesn’t look like a gravel parking lot.

We are installing new LP SmartSide siding on the home later this summer, so we decided to re-purpose the brick in our landscaping. After two days of digging out the path, leveling it off, laying sod, and chipping mortar off the bricks, we finally completed our walking path from the side door to the front gate. You can see in the photo below, the original wood siding from 1884. 

It’s a small step, but we are that much closer to the day when we are looking at each other with nothing to do. I think that will be the year 2035.