Smokey Mountain Living


Beautiful Asheville, North Carolina


We took an early spring trip to the Smokey Mountains to look at a historic property, and to tour Asheville and the surrounding towns. Hands down, this part of North Carolina, is one of the most beautiful and unique areas I have ever visited.

Downtown Asheville is big city living without the big city. It’s packed with every amenity you could wish for, it’s walkable, and it’s surrounded by historic properties on the inner ring, and within 10 minutes, you can be driving through rolling pastures, craggy rock hillsides, and waterfalls, with a mountain backdrop.

John Carroll, from Coldwell Banker King, gave us a grand tour of the Asheville area, and our first stop was at a historic property on Sunset Hill, within the city limits.



We were met at this home by a representative from the Asheville Historic Resources Commission, along with a local contractor who has won awards for historical restorations. Where this home did not quite meet our needs, it was fantastic to preview the property and learn what the Commission ‘s expectations were on a property such as this one.



We will be back in Asheville soon. I can’t stop dreaming of the rolling pastures and mountain vistas. Maybe a B&B is in our future?