Powder Room Pondering

The smallest room in the house: The Powder Room. Code requirements for bathrooms are strict, but simple, and play a major part in the space planning of a small powder room. And when tucked under the main stairwell, you have even more space limitations. Our new carved out space will have a footprint of 31-5/8″ x 78″, and as we were framing the walls, no detail could be overlooked: the depth and location of the new vanity, the scale and placement of the light fixtures, the projection of the toilet, the space needed for the exhaust fan and the door swing adjacent to the original carved newel post, to name a few. We are re-purposing one of the smallest of the original doors from another part of the house for this space and it’s 24 inches wide. That left us with just over 15 inches to fit in a tiny vanity and a fabulous vessel sink and faucet from Kohler (splurge). The vanity is still yet to be discovered, but it will magically appear one day soon, I am sure of it.       The original wall paper was a great find, and I am hoping that I will find a modern doppelganger, or at least something close.