Phase II

Renovating is tough

It has been a while since I sat down at the computer to document our renovation progress. So much has happened, and life got very busy, so something had to give. Home renovation is hard. So is blogging!

Sitting at the computer couldn’t find a spot on the list of To-Do’s over the past several weeks, but I think we are heading into the home stretch… finally.

Our daughter, who is currently serving in our country’s Armed Forces, surprised us with a 3 week visit. She is beautiful, strong, independent, and just got a promotion. We are extremely proud parents, and couldn’t ask for better kids. And yes, while she was here, she strapped on the ventilator and gloves, and replaced visits to the gym, with Farmer’s Carry workouts to the dumpster. She was a HUGE help. Thanks honey!

After the Home Tour, we got busy with the demo of the back half of the house. Starting on the main floor, we gutted the new kitchen, laundry and mudroom spaces down to the studs. To our dismay, we found two rotten timbers that had to be replaced. You might think, “OK, so you replaced a couple boards… so what?” Well, these were the structural members that were holding up a portion of our home, starting in the basement and going all the way up to the roof.

Balloon Framing was practiced during the turn of the century, and was superseded by Platform Framing that we commonly see today. In a balloon framed structure, like our home, the supporting studs run from the sill to the plate. In order to replace these bad boys, we had to remove a 4-foot section of our home, inside and out, starting on the main floor all the way up to the second floor. We assume there was a roof leak that went undetected for some time, several years ago. The water looks to have traveled down a rafter, then onto the supporting studs. This water intrusion rotted the rafter and studs behind the walls. Almost immediately, the arduous tasks of replacing them was bestowed upon us. A big shout out to my little brother, Eric, who almost single handedly repaired my home’s gaping wound in a day’s time. I say almost, because I did help with handing him things. There’s no “I” in TEAM!

We also signed on the dotted line, and have agreed to hire a contractor to replace the roof and siding. It’s a big pill to swallow, but it means we don’t have to be swaying in the breeze on a 25 foot ladder. I am loving the Sherwin-Williams America’s Heritage exterior color palette, even if I am getting push back from other family members. They just need to sit tight. I have a vision.