Home Tour Ends, and Phase II Begins


The Minneapolis St. Paul Home Tour was a success! Our “Work In Progress” had 160 visitors on Saturday, and 190 on Sunday. We had so many positive comments about how nice it was to see a project in process, and everyone was already excited to see us on tour next year, when we can show off our completed work!


Tour goers got to vote on their favorite kitchen color palette, and see our future plans for the new space. We answered all of the “how did you do that” questions, and even connected with a couple with whom we will work together to try and mill some of the decorative trim molding that both of us have been searching for at all the salvage shops. 


The completed second floor guest bathroom was a hit with most everyone, although there are always going to be differences in opinion, especially when it comes to finishes. The two hallway closets that we combined to make this bathroom have no windows. I had a couple choices: I could either use very light colors to brighten the space, or I could embrace the darkness. I chose the latter.


Because of my love for small space challenges, I worked very hard to figure out how not to waste any of the space under the angled roof lines and came up with a non conventional design. The solution was to open the glass shower door, step over the threshold, and enter into the shower-tub room. The tub had to be on the shorter side, but is 23 inches deep. I am in love with the dark wall tiles and the random pattern that they create, coupled with the sparkling deco tile. There is a dimmer on the light in the shower and a shelf for all your bathing jams and jellies or maybe even some candles.


The entrance to the bathroom has just enough space for an 18 inch vanity and of course the toilet. I selected a “banjo” shaped counter top that stretches over the toilet tank, to increase the work surface. The mirror is wall to wall and is a great reflective surface in a dark space, and I learned that even though it is a small space, when painted black, you will need a light fixture that can output some serious lumens. I still have more design work to do in this space, as the installed artwork are just “placeholders” until I figure out the final arrangement.

Speaking of painting… the Benjamin Moore paint, specifically for Bath & Spa, is amazing. Highly recommended!


My husband and I had a great time talking to other DIYers this past weekend, and hope we inspired folks to get started on their own projects. Our next step it to seal off the rear of the home, and get started with the demolition. The back half of our home will be the new kitchen, mudroom and laundry on the first floor, and our new master bedroom and bath on the second floor. One of the most commonly used phrases in remodeling as coined by my friend, “We’re getting there!”