Heavens to Trapezoid Mr. Snagglepuss!

Why you should be glad you paid attention in math class…


Tile selection is not only about color and texture, it’s about math, and more math. And more math.

We opened a wall and combined two side by side closets to make a small, but very efficient second floor guest bathroom. One of the closet spaces is where the toilet and vanity will be, and a glass door will allow access into the shower and bath space. The roof line plays a big part in this shower room, and due to the angles, the entire space, including the ceiling, needs to be tiled. So the selection process began… Large or small format? Offset or stacked? Deco tile? I want the space to feel relaxing and a bit sexy. 


I decided to go with a 6-inch tile from Mosa, which I ordered in four random shades of Anthracite. I wanted the shower floor to feel like an extension of the wood floor in the main part of the bathroom, and believe me, that honey caramel color is not easy to find! The decorative tile is my splurge, and will be sprinkled throughout the shower room for interest. To my husband-tile installer’s dismay, we will be custom cutting some of the square tiles to allow for this design. Good design comes at a price, and in this case, it’s a little extra labor. Is it worth it? Yep.


The bathtub is a deep soaking tub which fit perfectly in this space and even allowed us space to build a shelf for shampoos, soaps, candles, whatever you want. More importantly, it allowed space for the plumbers to install the tub control valve and faucet.


The main floor powder room tile will pay homage to the original fireplace hearth tile, and Original Style based in the UK has everything I need to make it happen. This floor will be laid out in the same diamond pattern with a couple minor differences.

The framing inspection happens next week, then we close up the walls and get started on tiling. I cannot wait to be able to use a bathroom fit for a normal sized human being… our current one is just a tad on the tight side 🙂