For the Love of Restoration

Interior Designer. Network Engineer. Restoration Junkies. We are not even sure how we got to where we are – like all addictions (I’m assuming), we started slowly down a path, which turned into a ramble, then snowballed into a veritable avalanche. And now we are completely submersed in the worlds of restoration and renovation. We can’t get enough of it. We just want more and more. Is there a support group out there for people like us? Maybe a 12-step program? We are enamored with the history of turn-of-the-century craftsmanship, and every time I walk into one of these homes that have been “flipped”, my heart breaks a little. I do not claim to be a purist, but I cannot stomach the Big Box Store approach to renovations, especially in these homes that have intact architectural history dating back to the 1800’s. We are not flippers. We buy our homes, move into them for a few years, and lovingly restore and renovate, leaving no stone unturned. Then we open our doors to the public, in hopes that someone loves our home enough to buy it, so we can move on to our next project. We are starting the renovations of our 4th project in St. Paul, Minnesota – a home built in 1884 near the Cathedral of St. Paul, nestled in the Summit University neighborhood. We bought the home in May of 2017, replaced the water and sewer lines in August, added a new 2-car garage in September, and a backyard privacy fence in October. The interior demolition began in January, and we are on our way!